Anthonys Fight at D.E.D

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It's 7am and i'm crawling out of bed to an alarm I could of swore I turned off......


Firstthings, first, time to weight my self and hope I haven't magically put5lbs on over night! Turns out i'm nice 83.5! HmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmBreakfast!


I spent the next 3/4 hours listening to my personalpump up music which ranges from disturbed to linkin parks re-animationalbum. Finally met up with nath and strolled down to weigh in atoceana, got in jumped on the scales 84kg bang on =]. Wasting no time meand nathan jump back in the car (cheers amy!) and rolled on back tonaths where I showed him how real man plays COD: MW2, bitched :D. Afterthis he retired to bed and I got myself some supplies, lucozade etc...


Finallygot to the event and had a mooch at the cage looked pretty cool, fencewas tight as hell like *Ouch*. Got my medical done then hit thecaffeine drinks and xplodes to pump up as I like to.


Got took tothe warm up area, btw its pretty sick to have the VIP room as a warm uparea! Chilled out for abit, helped josh warm up, watched him get robbedof a draw!!!!


Then I got into my routine working my strikes toloosen off, john keeps it simple on the pads, power and speed crucialas always. Made sure I did plenty of sweeps and submissions with nathanas I knew my opponent would be stronger but not as technical on thefloor. All warmed up and pretty much focused, I was led out to mywalk-in side and got to watch chris in the last round picking up thewin (this of course made me want it more!).


Luckily I waswalking in second which suits me to a Tee, I don't get nervous reallybut it's a personal preference for sure. All I really remember of thefight is the huge haymakers he instantly tried to land and justthinking, 'hmmmmmm next time he does that slide for the dela riva'. Sohe moved forwards and I just slid for it (proof is the scratch on myback!) and from there landed it, tightend the achilles, finishing itoff to the sound of the tap! At which point I went crazy for winning insuch a way and I still remember john screamin to the crowd louder thanme xD Actually I say all I remember is the haymakers, if you ever havethe pleasure to fight with john and faisal in your corner. You'll findthey seem to be louder than the crowd continously and even on the otherside of the cage you can still hear thier instructions, mine seemed tobe "heel hook! heel hook!!!!".



Beaming after my win I wentback to help nathan warm up and was immediately beaten from topposition with elbows and punches hahah! Nathan showed so much bottlefor stepping up to pro with 2 hours notice and beating the crap out ofshaun lomas for the first round. Was awesome and just got unlucky inthe second!


Overall was 2-2 for us that night but the fact is we were awesome and always will be!

By Anthony Smith,

Semi Pro  2-0

The fighters

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The lads and lasses at the gym will use this space to right up their thoughts on fight etc..... should be useful for aspiring fighters....

Entry 1

First entry comes from Lee Ryan Adams Carter after his first ever fight and victory.

" When I started my training 5 months ago the last thing Iexpected was for me to be standing in a cage 6 feet away from a man who wantednothing more than to rip my head from my shoulders, however I had been given anopportunity to test my skills in front of around 200 alcohol fuelled fight fansand I soon realised that the hardest part is to control the nerves as the cagedoor is mercilessly closed behind you, the nerves and the people watchingbecame a distant memory as my opponent came rushing at me, they had beenreplaced by a determination to not surrender, to not give in and to win thatfight no matter what. The thing that pushed me on through the fight when Ithought I had nothing left to give, when I had completely gassed was thethought of “this is my moment and I’m not letting this man take it away fromme, I’m here to win and I’m not gonna accept anything less”. To hear my namecalled at the end was unbelievable I had given everything I had, id laid it allon the line and to win after doing all that was a fantastic feeling, I felttruly alive at that point and on top of the world, and I can’t wait to fightagain it’s a rush that I cant describe in words the only way to trulyunderstand what I’m trying to say is to step inside that cage yourself."


Lee Ryan Adams Carter