D.E.D- Rising

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D.E.D- Rising


Saturday 31st July saw 4 Leeds Cage warriors stepinto the Cage to do battle. First up its Josh Martins turn who has taken the fight on 4 days notice and weighs in at 68kg considerably lower than his opponent who looks huge compared to josh and could easily have had 6+kg on Josh by the time they fought.


Round 1:

First round starts with Josh’s opponent throwing a kick and wading into josh at the clinch with some big knees and solid clinch work, but Josh holds firm and weathers the onslaught and finds himself on his back, his opponent is still on top and the busier, but hits josh in the face and has a point deducted, Josh shrugs it off and continues. Josh jumps guard a few times and works for an armbar. The round ends.


Round 2:

Josh’s opponent comes out and looks tired, Josh works well again to nullify his attack and jump guard eventually working towards a kneebar, and later in the round takes his back but fail to sink in the rear nakedchoke . A big round for Josh, he is fresher than his opponent and controlled him throughout….we expect at least a draw, Sadly Josh doesn’t get the decision. Harsh but the judges decision is final. I sulk a little…. But we get on with things!


Next up its Chris Marsden, Chris turns up with an army of fans, so when he comes out the place makes some serious noice, and Chomper is in no mood to let them down


Round 1

Chris comes out, both fighters are cagey, his opponent favouring a left hook which catches chris and splits his eye, Chris stays calm and keeps working his opponent against the cage,  he is far too strong for this lad and is working him well with some nice knees being put in, Chris is listening well to us and gets a nice trip and takes mount, as he works the lad on the floor he manages to take his back, the round ends… another 30 seconds and I think the fight was over.


Round 2

Starts like round 1, Chris’s opponent wants to brawl, Chris is too clever for that. This round has a similar pattern to round 1…..with chris once again getting full mount and dominating the round….he even has time to exchange a few words with me towards the end of the round while he is in the clinch!! Chris wins the fight with a deserved unanimous decision.


Fight Three brings out Anthony Smith….. this kid trains every day, and I have first hand seen the improvements.

Round 1: The fighters engage, Anthony’s opponent is trying to land a wild left hand, he throws it 3 or 4 times it doesn’t connect…. He lands1 which is brushed off….2 mins in Anthony falls to his back sliding for a dela-riva sweep which he executes in ‘Imanari’ style, then finishes with an Achilles lock. The pain on his opponents face was visible to us at cage side the kid held on… in my opinion for too long…. He limped out of the venue. Another win for Leeds Cage


So all the while we have been going to the cage with other fighters and NathanBrown has been sat in the changing room ( very flash it was too!) waiting for his fight to be confirmed after his original opponent decide not to turn up. Anyway in the end we talk with Julio Calcina the promoter and Nathan agrees to fight pro. After only 3 Semi pro fights.. this is a gutsy decision, especially against Shaun Lomas a seasoned Pro.


Round 1

Nathan goes out all guns blazing, Shaun tries to clinch Nathan throws him off and to the floor. From here Nathan delivers some ground and pound, but Shaun is no slouch and is continually working an aggressive guard and looking for submissions, he nearly gets an arm bar but Nathan slams his way out of it and continues to dominate Shaun. Nathan gets mount but Shaun is good at defending himself and works to safety. The round comes to an end and Nathan has dominated and won that round.


Round 2

Starts with some more stand up work, leading to a clinch,they go down and Nathan is on the bottom, Shaun is working some ground and pound but not really hurting Nathan, in the scramble Nathan ends up in Turtle position and Shaun starts to work his hooks in and eventually gets the RNC.Hard luck for Nathan but lots of courage and heart shown. We were proud!

Well done to Julio on a good show, things went wrong for him with people letting him down etc but he kept his cool and got all ours lads matched up, for that we are grateful.


In all the lads gave an awesome account of the club,everyone we spoke to was impressed with them and what they showed on the night. As always myself and John lived every minute of every fight with the lads, its what we do… if we don’t then we are of no use to them……. We might be relatively new to the sport but we are here… and here to stay… next stop Combat challenge….



By Faisal Nathani

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Reply Babyface
8:19 AM on August 8, 2010 
D.E.D Rising was a top night and all the Leeds Cage lads did very well!! Looking forward to the next fight night!! Anthonys finish was awesome, no-one saw it coming!!