John C Higo- Head Coach





John has been training in Martial arts for over nearly 40 years now. Having started boxing as a young boy, john has devoted h is life to learning different techniques and martial art. Having spent years fighting on the circuit and picking up numerous championships, John is now the head coach at Leeds Cage and the man  you will likely see standing in your corner when you're in battle. If there is anything about the stand up game this man doesn't know.... its not worth knowing!






Neil Longthorn- Submission Grappling\MMA coach






Neil has a 2nd Dan black belt in kickboxing, however Neil has spent the last 10 years working his ground game. Neil brings an attacking style of submission grappling that is very very effective in MMA. Having rolled with the likes of Gunnar Nielsen and Marcelo Brigadeiro. Neil is someone who can really improve your ground game.Neil is a Luta Livre Blue Belt- Sem Grau. Neil is also availabe for private tuition, you can contact him on 07944 088618







Marcelo Brigadeiro- Guest Coach Luta Livre






Marcelo is the Luta Livre Coach of the world famous Kaobon gym in Liverpool. After infecting us with the  " Luta Livre virus" Marcelo has found us following him to Liverpool and other places in order to spend time under his instruction and learn more about the wonderful art of Luta Livre. If you think you know about grappling attend one of Marcelo's seminars and discover a plethora of Luta Livre techniques that will blow your mind.












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